Phil Sandusky     Contemporary Plein Air Impressionist Landscape Painter and Figure Painter

Visit my new March 2015 solo exhibit at the Cole Pratt Gallery online by clicking its own dedicated menu option below!!! See my new series of archival prints of my paintings of New Orleans (select "Prints" from the menu below). This makes some of my recent work available at a small fraction of the price of my original oil paintings. Check out my affordable rates for private instruction. My new book, "New Orleans Impressionist Cityscapes" is available in book stores and online for a very inexpensive suggested retail price of $29.95.

Jacksonville:  These are a few paintings of my home town, Jacksonville Florida. They were done on my frequent visits to Jacksonville over the years. Approximately 40 paintings are available for purchase (including most of the ones shown here) through Stellers Gallery in Jacksonville and a few are available through the Reinike Gallery in Atlanta. About 85 of my paintings of Jacksonville have been beautifully reproduced in my book, "Jacksonville through a Painter's Eyes." The text of this book chronicles my experiences as an art student in Jacksonville 35 years ago. Click on any painting to enlarge and see all paintings in this category sequentially as a slide show. The alpha numeric ID number that appears when you position the cursor over an image can be used to address inquiries to me at my e-mail account, .

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