Phil Sandusky     Contemporary Plein Air Impressionist Landscape Painter and Figure Painter
Offering affordable rates for private instruction (select "New Work" from "Paintings" pop-up for most recent work - updated Feb 23, 2014)
(Check painting demonstration added Dec 15, 2013) I am happy to announce the release of my new book, "New Orleans Impressionist Cityscapes." It's available in book stores and online for a very inexpensive suggested retail price of $29.95.

Lower St. Bernard Parish (commercial fishing communities) Many of these pieces are available for purchase. They were done Summer (2010) in the waterway communities of lower St Bernard parish: Violet, Yscloskey, and Delecroix. My wife put me wise to these beatuiful places when she visited Yscloskey on buisness with LSU in response to the oil spill. The furthest I had traveled down Judge Perez prior to this was Chalmette. Click on any painting to enlarge and see all paintings in this category sequentially as a slide show. The alpha numeric ID number that appears when you position the cursor over an image can be used to address inquiries to me at my e-mail account, .

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