These are some links to online articles about or by Sandusky. “A Brush with Disaster”  2006 by John Kemp about Sandusky’s plein air paintings of Hurricane Katrina This is a 2013 profile on Sandusky written by Charley Parker in his art blog, “”

This is a 2015 update by Charley Parker to his profile of Sandusky in,

This article is an artist profile of Sandusky written by Ian Mcnulty in New Orleans Homes ans Lifestyles magazne:

This article by Bob Bahr was written for The Outdoor Painter,  (the online magazine associated with Plein Air Magazine) November 20, 2016. It profiles an expedition in which Sandusky participated to make plein air paintings of vintage World War 2 airplanes. As well as showing a couple of his paintings, it happens to be the first publication (of any kind) of one of Sandusky’s drawings:


It seems that the link below is not currently working. I’m going to give it a while longer before I delete it: This is a letter to the editor that I wrote in 2011 in rebuttal to an editorial published in Plein Air Magazine which implied that the best landscape paintings must be executed in the studio, not outdoors.