I will have a presentation this week and a solo exhibit opening at the Academy Gallery

If you come to my presentation this Thursday Nov 2, 7:00pm, at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, you can also preview my solo exhibit of new work, “A Plein Air Exploration of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast,” which will have just been installed the previous day. My presentation, “Narration and the Fleeting Moment,” is an art history with respect to our understanding of human vision, particularly emphasizing advances in our understanding of vision made in the 19th century. It explores how art advanced our understanding of vision and also how modern vision science can return the favor and help advance art. Separately from my presentation, there will be a reception for my exhibit Saturday, Nov 4, 5-7pm. Here are a few images of paintings that will be included:

Looking Down Burdette Street from Willow   14" x 18"  $2400

Looking Down Burdette Street from Willow 14″ x 18″

Bridge Over the Inter-coastal Waterway, Port St. Joe, FL. This was one of my pieces as an invited artist to Forgotten Coast Plein Air

Bridge Over the Inter-coastal Waterway

Shotguns with Reed Cooper Mini   10" x 20"   $2100

Shotguns with Reed Cooper Mini 10″ x 20″


Driftwood's World  14" x 18"   $2400   Ocean Springs  This painting greatly resembles Andrew Wyeth's painting, "Christina's World." I didn't overtly intend this, but noticed after completing the painting.

Driftwood’s World 14″ x 18″