Sandusky Paintings of the New Orleans Warehouse District at the Degas Gallery

The Degas Gallery, 604 Julia Street (Suite 101), New Orleans, LA 70130

In the early days of the pandemic, from April to mid-July, I captured the New Orleans Warehouse District with 30 paintings done plein air (on location from the live subject). Before the pandemic, this part of town had been difficult for me to access, given the busyness of the area and limited parking. But the empty streets in this unique situation gave me free rein to choose the perfect views to portray the unique beauty of this historic part of town with a large body of work.

The exhibit will be up for 2 months – October 2 to November 30). There will be a soft opening Friday, Oct 2, from 12 to 5pm and a curfew compliant regular opening on Saturday, Oct 3, from 5 to 7pm. Because of the pandemic, everyone entering the gallery must wear a mask and we ask that on opening night you attend either the first or second hour (but not both). This is to limit crowd size in the gallery. Also due to COVID-19, there will be restricted gallery hours during the exhibit. The gallery will be open Tuesday and Thursday, 10am to noon, and Saturday, noon to 2pm. The gallery will also be open by appointment. For an appointment, contact Cybele Gontar at (504) 826-9744 or e-mail:

Here are a few of my plein air paintings of the New Orleans Warehouse district that will be exhibited: