Shown below are the covers of my art books. My first book, New Orleans en Plein Air surveys the paintings that I did of New Orleans from about 1987 to 2002, with text that I wrote about vision, painting in general, and my specific approach to painting. My second book, Painting Katrina shows my paintings of New Orleans one year before the hurricane, my paintings of the dramatic scenes of destruction in the immediate aftermath, and my paintings of New Orleans’ recovery, a year or so after the storm. The text chronicles my experiences painting the hurricane destruction along with more information about my approach. My third book, Jacksonville Through a Painter’s Eyes, shows my paintings of my home town, Jacksonville, Florida, including some very unique coastal scenes and many scenes of Jacksonville beach with

sunbathers. The text chronicles my experiences as an academic art student there 40 years ago amidst the chaos of the modern art scene. New Orleans Impressionist Cityscapes was released September 15 2012. It contains reproductions of 140 landscape, maritime, and cityscape paintings that I have done in the New Orleans metropolitan area since late 2006. The text, a large essay called “The Allure of the Image” sorts out the difference between our vision and the objective photograph-like image, and examines how different approaches to representational painting have alligned artists’ work with one or the other. My books are available at better book stores, online, at the galleries that represent me and directly from the publisher, Pelican Publishing Company (



Painting Katrina - for My Art Books

Jacksonville Through a Painter's Eyes - for My Art Books

New Orleans en Plein Air - for My Art Books

New Orleans Impressionist Cityscapes - The Allure of the Image - for My Art Books